Use your mental and emotional power as a source of strength

coaching for individuals

MotionLAB Mind & Heart

  • ZFulfillment and satisfaction in life
  • ZHeadspace and peace of mind
  • ZMore physical well-being and release tensions
  • ZImproved relationships with yourself and others
  • ZRelease blocking feelings and create a better future
  • ZAchieve goals that are really important to you

With „MotionLAB Mind & Heart“ you learn how to use your thoughts and your feelings in a positive and meaningful way to increase your quality of life. You can experience how your relationship to yourself and other people changes. Through the new source of power you can find the energy to focus on the goals who are really important to you.

The coaching program lasts:12 weeks

Program Content

  • Check-in Head-Heart Analysis
  • „Wheel of Life Mind and Heart Session
  • Higher Self Heart-Connection Session
  • Reality Session (Analysis „You as Observer with Head and Heart“)
  • Mental and emotional Pain Tracking Session
  • Goal setting for the coaching session
  • Coaching sessions and action calls
  • Check-Out Coaching Session and „Wheel of Life
  • Follow-Up Coaching Session

This program is for you if you want…

  • to seek a more positive approach to yourself.
  • to seek peace of mind to be more relaxed.
  • to habe more confidence instead of doubt.
  • to deal with your emotions in a meaningful way. 
  • to improve your relationships with others. 
  • to look towards the future and let go your past. 

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Profound and sustainable change

happens inside of you

What do you learn?

Develop growth mindset

Discover the learnings from challenges and „mistakes“ instead of beating yourself up

Communicate effectively

Express to others what you really want and learn effective communication for better relationships

Meaningful handling of emotions

Use your emotions as
a source of strength

Enhance Personal Leadership

Evolve self-responsibility and self-awareness to focus on your desired achievements

Building closeness & self-understanding

Understand yourself better, know what you really want and need

Strengthen Confidence & Trust

Lear to be confident and trust yourself instead of doubting yourself

they know it best

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Ready for profound and
sustainable change?