Find out what your career purpose is and how to get there

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MotionLAB Purpose

  • ZIdentify professional purpose
  • ZGain clarity and increase focus
  • ZLook positively into the future
  • ZFinding fulfillment and satisfaction in your job
  • ZLearn to make decisions
  • ZRealizing your true dreams

In MotionLAB Purpose you will discover what your true purpose is and what fulfills you in the everyday life. You will learn to believe in your vision in order to realize and experience it. You will recognize the limiting beliefs about yourself that have been holding you back from going for your dream. When you realize what has been holding you back, you can let it go and reach for the new vision.

Many pursue an activity that they chose because of external influences (parents, teachers, role models, etc.). Or it’s simply been chosen from various available options without asking yourself „What do I really want? What fulfills me? What does a job have to give me?“ In this coaching program, you will find YOUR answers.

The coaching program lasts:12 weeks

Program content

  • Check-in Job Analysis
  • „Wheel of Life and Purpose Session
  • Higher Self Connection Session „Your Purpose
  • Reality Session for your professional life (Analysis „You as an Observer“)
  • Job and Pain Tracking Session
  • Goal setting for the coaching session
  • Coaching sessions and action calls
  • Check-Out Coaching Session and „Wheel of Life
  • Follow-Up Coaching Session

This is for you if you want…

  • to find a new orientation.
  • to change something about your job situation.
  • to get a job that fulfills you.
  • to take decisions.
  • to have security and trust in yourself.
  • to have the feeling it is time to go new ways.

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Profound and sustainable change

begins inside of you

What will you learn?

Get clarity

Create clarity to replace confused thoughts

Goal Setting

Define directional
goals and steps

Identify your real needs 

Identify what you really
want and need


Learn to shape and
take decisions with confidence and trust

Create a Vision for your occupation

Recognize and manifest your dream job

Building Confidence and trust

Learn to look confidently
into the future and
getting things done

they know it best

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Are you ready to go towards
your dream job?