Lead authentically and use  emotions as a source of power

coaching for organizations

MotionLAB Executive Coaching

  • ZLearn and strengthen personal leadership
  • ZUnleash potential and increase focus
  • ZLead authentically
  • ZStrengthen relationships
  • ZCreate headspace and calmness in the head
  • ZAchieve emotional well-being

In this program, you will find out what your top 5 values are as a leader, how to leverage your strengths to be an authentic leader, and how to establish rules and norms in your team to achieve the desired outcome. 

The coaching program lasts13 weeks

Program content

  • Self-reflection and strengths/weaknesses analysis
  • Strengthen personal leadership
  • Identify values, recognize uniqueness
  • Identify blind spots and obstacles
  • Replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones
  • Develop growth mindset to get closer to vision as a leader
  • Create self-confidence, self-knowledge and closeness
  • Use emotions positively
  • Learn to communicate effectively with yourself and others

Suitable for people who want…

  • to lead authentically.
  • to make faster and more sustainable decisions.
  • to cultivate appreciative communication.
  • to minimize knowledge gaps and misunderstandings.
  • to increase the value of working with a team.
  • to bring their own values into the team.

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Profound and sustainable change

starts inside of you

What will you learn?

Develop Growth Mindset

Living a visionary and solution-oriented approach to thinking, turning challenges into learning opportunities

Meaningful handling of emotions

Understand and handle your emotions as a source of strength

Communicate effectively

 Improve your communication, let your team know what you really want

Learning leadership

build confidence and
gain self-responsibility
& self-knowledge

Find values

Understand how you
are as a leader
and want to be

Gain clarity

Recognize hindering blind
spots and find solutions how to overcome them

Ready for profound and
sustainable change?