Sustainably increase results in sales with the human factor

coaching for organizations

MotionLAB Sales Empowerment

  • ZAchieve better sales results
  • ZDevelop potential with the human factor in sales
  • ZIncrease adaptability to change
  • ZDevelop more know-how in the team
  • ZLearn agility in sales
  • ZGenerate sustainable growth

In this program, the entire sales team is guided to achieve better results. Sales agents learn sales techniques, promising conversation skills and reflection on their own successes. The team learns to cultivate a collective learning effect and take responsibility for results to achieve sustainable growth.

The coaching program lasts9 - 12 months

Program content

  • Winning through the human factor in sales
  • Conversation management and techniques
  • How to deal with objections and pretexts
  • Self-reflection and strengths/weaknesses analysis of sales agents
  • Blind spots and obstacle tracking
  • Replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones
  • Growth mindset and learning cycle activation
  • Tools, material and handouts for sales
  • Simplify organization and planning

Suitable for teams who want…

  • to achieve better sales results.
  •  to win customers through the human factor.
  • to achieve higher closing rates.
  • to take sales conversations to a new level.
  • to develop potential in sales.
  • to minimize knowledge gaps and misunderstandings.
  • to be a strong and independent sales team.
  • to deal better with objections and pretexts in sales.

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Profound and sustainable change

starts inside of you.

What does the team learn?

Through the human factor to sales success

Win customers through humanity in sales

Develop Growth Mindset

Live visionary and solution oriented thinking, challenges become opportunities to learn and grow

Conversation management and structure

Internalize the structure and flow of sales conversations

Dealing with objections and pretexts

Successful handling of objections in sales conversations

Acquiring and maintaining customers

Effectively acquire new customers and maintain
existing ones

Organization and sales routine

Establish sales routines and create organization for sales activities

Ready to boost sales and
create sustainable change?