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MotionLAB Performance

  • ZCreate clarity and focus
  • ZUnleash potential
  • ZAchieve goals
  • ZBuild resilience
  • ZAchieve emotional well-being
  • ZFind new ways

In MotionLAB Performance, you’ll learn to clear your head of limiting thoughts and your heart of blocking emotions. You can gain confidence and develop strategies to focus on the goals which are important to you, both in your personal and work life. We will go deep to releasae your blocks in a sustainable way. You will understand where your ego, your fear or your mindset have prevented you from tackling new things. You will realize how and why you have been standing in your own way. Recognition and understanding is the first step. Transformation is the second. You can experience lasting change, finally say goodbye to old patterns and create a new world with many possibilities.

The coaching program lasts:12 weeks

Program content

  • Check-in analysis of your goals and performance
  • „Wheel of Life Performance Session
  • Higher Self Connection Session
  • Reality Session (Analysis „You as Observer and Performer“)
  • Pain Tracking Session
  • Goal setting for the coaching session
  • Coaching sessions and action calls
  • Check-Out Coaching Session and „Wheel of Life
  • Follow-Up Coaching Session

This is for you if you want…

  • to take on new challenges.
  • to seek a more positive approach to yourself.
  • to feel good on the way to your goals.
  • to be satisfied with your results.
  • to tackle what you have wanted to do for a long time.
  • to find peace in your mind to focus on your goals.

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Profound and sustainable change

Begins inside of you 

What will you learn?

Enhance Personal Leadership

Self-responsibility and leadership to effectively
achieve goals

Gain Self-Esteem

Positively change what
you think about yourself and your abilities

Develop Growth Mindset

Activate a constant learning cycle to grow and learn
from challenges

Find motivation and strength

Use emotions as a source of power to move forward with courage and motivation

Build Self-Awareness

Understand how to empower yourself, unlock potential and maintain focus

Learn to take better decisions

Learn to make clear decisions about goals, strategy and results

they know it best

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