coach for happiness and success at work

Karin Treichler

Hello, I am Karin Treichler, Ontological and Systemic Coach and Trainer for people and teams who want to be authentic, achieve their goals and be happy with themselves and their success. 

I grew up in Switzerland and lived in South America for 2.5 years. How people think, what they do and how they interact has always fascinated me. I have 16 years of experience in multinational companies. As a project leader I noticed, that the success of a project begins with the people, their mindset, the attitude, the emotional intelligence and their ability to collaborate with others. Realizing that I started my journey as a coach to make people successful and happy at work. 

my mission

My mission is to create a better work life for everybody. A world where people can be authentic, and where they can develop personally and professional. A world where people are happy with what they have chosen as a job and where they collaborate with others constructively to achieve any result they aim for.

With MotionLAB I accompany people and teams into their power, so that they achieve the results they want. I know from experience that many people unnecessarily tell themselves they can do less and that most teams have more potential than they think. 

We all have this one life and can make the best of it. The starting point is not as important as our inner attitude and the goals we set. 

Experiences in Coaching

  • 1100+ experiences of coaching hours
  • 120+ hours of systemic constellation work
  • 100+ satisfied customers
  • 16 years experience in multinational companies
  • 7 coaching programms in 4 different languages
  • 5-Star rating at Google
  • 2 years of experience as a trainer in fast moving teams

Education in Coaching

  • PCC, Professional Certified Coach recognized by the International Coach Federation 
  • Ontological Coach with ACTP Training (Accredited Coach Training Program) at the „Instituto de Capacitación Profesional“ in Buenos Aires by Elena Espinal
  • Systemic Constellation Worker according to the teachings of Bert Hellinger certified at the „Centro Latinoamericano de Constelaciones Familiares y Soluciones Sistémicas“ in Buenos Aires by Tiiu Bolzmann