Develop team and unfold potential

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MotionLAB Team Development

  • ZImprove collaboration
  • ZUnleash team potential
  • ZAchieve better results / outcome
  • ZLearn agile approach
  • ZFind sustainable solutions
  • ZDevelop innovative ideas faster

The team learns to develop a team identity and become an agile learning organization. We tackle problems at the root of thinking and interacting.  Challenges are addressed in an innovative way during coaching to find sustainable solutions and achieve better results. The program serves both the team and the overall goal of the company.

The coaching program lasts12 months

Program content

  • Self-reflection and strengths/weaknesses analysis of the team members
  • Developing personal leadership and responsibility
  • Identifying and removing obstacles
  • Replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones
  • Developing a growth mindset for a constant learning and growing team
  • Strengthening trust within the team
  • Developing a team identity and defining shared values, common rules and norms
  • Effective communication: building a feedback culture and identifying obstacles in communication
  • Dealing constructively with disagreements and conflicts

Suitable for teams who…

  • want to achieve better results.
  • want to make faster and more sustainable decisions.
  • want to cultivate better communication.
  • want to minimize knowledge gaps and misunderstandings.
  • seek conflict-free cooperation.
  • want to bring about long-term cooperation.

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Profound and sustainable change

Works from the inside out

What does the team learn?

Develop Growth Mindset

visionary and solution-oriented way of thinking, challenges become opportunities to learn
and grow

Strengthening the perception of responsibility

Boost sense of responsibility
in each team member

Strengthen communication & coordination

Open feedback culture,
promote exchange,
increase collaboration

Positive handling
with emotions

Establish successful handling
of feelings and moods

Form team identity & values

Collective values,
develop vision and
rules for cooperation

Team thinking

Focus on moving forward
as a team and company

they know it best

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